DarkLight : a paradox explored

In a time when the world is a strange and deadly place, there lives a people embracing the hope of those who came before them. This hope born of tolerance and communication is the most infectious force on this planet. Freedom to freely speak your unique view of the world, foresight to recognize the darkness in your own life and light to fight that inner evil in all of us. One key element in this struggle is to recognize that no matter what religion you follow, be it Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or others, the common beliefs of all far outweigh the differences. Follow your rulebook for how you reach fulfillment of your life’s work, but do not extend your rule beyond yourself lest ye lose the way to your end. The journey is long and often hard, yet well worth the end. The future shall be determined by those who stand for peace through shared experience. Only then can we find the way to commonality where respect for life is the directive above all others and all work for the advancement of our kind instead of quarreling among each other like children fighting over a bag of marbles. Don’t lose your marbles.

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