This week has been pretty busy. On Thursday a few of us went to a Microsoft TechNet event in Redmond, but due to a fallen power pole (who knows why that happened?) the theater lost power in the morning and half the day’s events were canceled. We drove all over the place for something to do and ended up in Factoria somehow. After a quick lunch we headed back to Redmond to see if the afternoon events were still on. With power restored and still over an hour to go before the event started we explored a game shop next to the theater and I bought a Go board. We spent the next hour teaching Rob how to play. After the event, we headed over to Bellevue for the SharePoint user group through traffic that was insanely lethargic. All in all, the day started at 5am and ended at 11pm. It was a long drawn out day, but it was still fun to get out of town for a while.

Today, Friday, I went to the SYP Festival of Trees committee work party at Amelia & Tony’s house where we got the tree decorations ready.

There are untouched photos on my flickr account and some corrected ones (some are still pretty blurry) on my spaces photo section. Enjoy!

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