Searching for information on this has been a MAJOR headache, mainly due to the fact that every moron on the Internet has posted the error code without knowing anything about the actual error or a way to fix it. Most of them just tell you to dump your outlook profile and start over. Well, I say that isn’t good enough! Someone, preferably from the product team that made this thing, needs to get off their butt and post about this issue and how to fix it so that it doesn’t keep popping up on me and the other thousand or more people I saw posting about it in the last half hour I’ve been searching for solutions.

In a so far vain attempt to get somebody to answer the question as to why Outlook stops synchronizing a mailbox after a few changes I’ve posted a question in the community support forums. Let the carnage ensue as they read, completely misunderstand, and post ridiculous non-solutions to my question.

Ok, I’m done ranting now. Honestly though, how hard can it be to just fix this?

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