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  • Using a wait cursor doesn’t have to be hard…
    Here is a simple disposable wait cursor class to simplify your mouse display needs…
  • STAThread async/await got you down?
    When encountering issues with async/await while building a Windows Forms application recently I came across this helpful class that allows you to await returning to the initial (usually UI) thread…
  • How to map an IDataRecord to an entity class object without using reflection
    Recently I had a need to map an IDataRecord to an entity class object in C# without using reflection for performance reasons, and because I can. Here is the code for reference…
  • …and back to WordPress again…
    A while ago I swapped my blog to BlogEngine.NET, then to MiniBlog, then to Ghost, then back to MiniBlog. Now I’m going back to WordPress again after a decade or so. The other platforms were nice, and some were integrated well, but nobody has kept them up, or they were just side demo projects for […]
  • Update to ASP.NET Core
    Recently I updated the blog to MiniBlog.Core on ASP.NET Core. So far it seems pretty fast. I’m working on a new engine for it in my spare time using Azure Functions and blob storage. More to come when I find some time to update this. Technorati Tags: ASP.NET Core,MiniBlog.Core,update
  • Getting Started with Aurelia on ASP.NET Core
    Aurelia, one of the leading JavaScript client frameworks for single page applications (SPAs), has been around for a while now and there are a number of resources for getting started with it. Rather than try to make yet another demo, I thought it might be fun to create a site repository that could be used […]
  • Aurelia with TypeScript on ASP.NET Core
    I’ve been tracking the ASP.NET betas and release candidates over the past year or more and it’s coming along nicely. I like the separation of client side and server side in the new folder structure and the unification of the MVC and WebAPI controllers. For the past few years I’ve used jsViews, Kendo UI, Angular, […]
  • Something different, something new, something blue
    Amusingly today I’m looking at new cars, hence the blue and new, but that’s not all that’s going on. Today I am starting something new that will change hopefully not just my perception of the world, but others as well. It’s time for change. Let’s do this. Technorati Tags: different,new window,blue,change,winds of change,world,perception
  • How to open a “new window” in a Windows 10 Universal App
    I had to dig a little bit to find this. Since not all form factors support multiple windows and tablet mode generally discourages floating windows this is probably buried for a reason, but I wanted to do it anyway so here it is: var viewId = 0; var newView = CoreApplication.CreateNewView(); await newView.Dispatcher.RunAsync( CoreDispatcherPriority.Normal, () […]
  • Handy Developer Tools & Links
    There are a lot of tools out there and others have posted lists that are handy. I’m going to put my list of common tools here and try to keep it updated every now and then for my own use as well as anyone else who may like to reference it. Feel free to send […]
  • MiniBlog
    Yes, I went and did it. I converted my blog to MiniBlog. It is much lighter than BlogEngine.NET. I’m liking the HTML5 and it should be fun to tweak it out a bit more too. I’ve nixed some things, my old resume, the VS Achievements that only worked in VS 2012, a few other things. […]
  • single page application architecture
    I’ve been poking around at a lot of JavaScript over the last year or two and have been refining this layered architecture for setting up applications. The main idea behind it is to cover all the old bases in a way that also reduces the number of requests and performs very well. The layers I […]
  • How to fix green video screen in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Release Preview
    Flash has this problem where it will show up blank or green when using hardware acceleration to display video. You used to be able to turn that off in Flash options from the right click menu, but in IE10 you have to go to the Internet Explorer options’ advanced tab. There’s a checkbox there that […]
  • The computer furniture rant
    Have you ever noticed that furniture makers always make computer desks with those closed off little cubby holes for the tower? It’s about time someone told them computers need ventilation to work properly. I’ve seen countless computers overheat and die an untimely death due to this lack of understanding of simple common sense. Computers have […]
  • Networking Cheat Sheet for Windows Server 2008 Core and Hyper-V Server
    Recently I setup a Hyper-V Server and ran into a few issues around networking and setting up a virtual firewall with ISA 2006. It turns out that Hyper-V creates a virtual network adapter for the physical computer and plugs it into the physical adapter which is turned into a de facto network switch. So, if […]
William Forney
William Forney

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